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[filtered to Ulquiorra | voice, largely because he doesn't know how to spell Szayel's name, lol]

I met someone claiming to be a... colleague of yours, out in the fog yesterday. Szayel Apollo Granz. Tall, pink hair, glasses, slightly disturbing smile.

[filtered to Ari | text]

Did you get back to your ship all right?

[various filters | unhackable]

[ooc: backdated to sometime during the trip to Kropmork. FYI, after Ari showed up to see him late-ish during the festival (and I think stayed for a few days? in his cabin, no less, sob) he more or less disappeared for a while (locking himself in his cabin and only leaving to eat at odd hours) and is still acting miserable and strangely busy.]

[filtered to Ariane Emory]

The initial draft on your first project is attached. You could probably have Sociology run it as is, but I should be able to tighten it up quite a bit and get at least a few more well-specified generations out of it in another week.

I haven't had time to look at the second one yet.

[loooong description of the solution and simulation specs is attached. It's in his own shortened version of Reseune psych-notation adapted to a normal difference engine without the extra symbols - which he didn't waste time explaining, it's not like she won't be able to figure it out at a glance.]

[filtered to Prime]

I think I owe you an explanation, sir. Will you see me?

[ filtered to Naminé‏‏ | unhackable ]

[backdated to sometime that's not right at the end of the festival, orzz]

Are you still on the Amestris? If you are, it looks like both our ships are here for the Hanami festival. Would you like to meet? It would be good to see you again.

[filtered to the Convoy | hard to hack]

As you heard from the First Mate, we'll be storing larger personal belongings in the brig for the time being. It's probably a good idea to keep track of what belongs to whom, so I'll try to be down there for the rest of the day and record the information.

If you already stored anything, or if you do later and don't see me, please let me know what it is so I can add it to the list and make sure it's still there.

[filtered to Adachi]

Would you mind changing me at this for an hour or two at some point? I need to go out and get some blankets while the stores are still open.

I can figure out something else if you're still busy with your room, though.

[filtered to Ulquiorra | unhackable]

Naminé says hello. And Nena says thank you.

What do you think of the ship so far?

[OOC] Notes on TST vs. canon

Repository for ongoing tl;dr, just to help keep the differences straight in my head. And for anyone who's actually read Cyteen and is curious.

CAUTION - SPOILERS! Serious ones up to around 1/3 of Cyteen, and probably minor psychological ones for Cyteen and Regenesis, on the subject of what Ari was doing to Justin and why.Collapse )

Comments and questions welcome! Please. This is complicated, and it would be good to have people to help me think.

P.S. Cyteen's Wikipedia page


[filtered to Abe | unhackable]

[ooc: backdated to, umm, a few days or a week after Long Night? I'm not sure if that's before or after the Yuri jail breakout thing... /so confused]

I think I'm done here. Would you mind flying me back?
Hello, all.

I'm Justin Walker, hired as your record keeper as of yesterday. Hopefully I'll be able to at least sort out your pay within a couple of days. Please let me know if you have any questions, or any information you think I should have.

[OOC: does anyone have any obvious, or not so obvious, holes in their records? Do tell. ^_^ Justin will probably notice, although he may or may not say anything.
He will also completely fabricate his own records, because he's scared of some people finding him.]
[[ooc: is there actually a more-or-less public "Fiertia officers" filter? If not, consider this to be on the general Fiertia filter (or is that also something you can't do from the outside? in that case he probably hacked it from somewhere, because alf;jgafhg;f he is so not going to post anything public ever)]]

Would you be taking on new crewmembers here?
I'm not much use in a fight, but any kind of non-fighting job would do. Record keeper, navigator, medic, anything like that.

[OOC] list of logs/conversations/whatnot

This is hopelessly out of date. Ah well.

TST (in IC order, newest first)

Abe: please take me home? http://scaredbrilliant.livejournal.com/1852.html
Nena thanks everyone (and still argues with them). http://pink-is-best.livejournal.com/3117.html?thread=40749#t40749

Log - Nena: Finally, they can talk. Psychologist!Justin attempts to be helpful. Nena just wants to convince him he's an idiot. http://community.livejournal.com/theskytides/441064.html
Abe realizes Justin went off somewhere... http://abeator.livejournal.com/4994.html
Log - Yami, Watson, Agrias, Tank Girl: Who are you, and what are you doing here? Silvana, waiting for Nena to recover. http://community.livejournal.com/theskytides/438959.html
Log - Nena, Yami, Ryuuken: Rescuing Nena, http://community.livejournal.com/theskytides/435347.html
Nena: it's not your fault, you shouldn't die for it! http://pink-is-best.livejournal.com/2931.html

Log - Yosuke: Wild Geese headquarters, http://community.livejournal.com/theskytides/430898.html?thread=15593778#t15593778
Log - Ulquiorra, Abe, Jabu: First day on the ship, http://community.livejournal.com/theskytides/414978.html
Introductions: http://scaredbrilliant.livejournal.com/1200.html
Looking for a job: http://scaredbrilliant.livejournal.com/1017.html

memes and other randomness

Goodbye Abe! http://community.livejournal.com/theskyport/453838.html?thread=8051662#t8051662
Blind Date meme (Namine, Milk, short bits with a few other people in other threads): http://community.livejournal.com/theskytits/108286.html?thread=16918526#t16918526
Would You Rather question meme: Ulquiorra and Nena (http://community.livejournal.com/theskytits/107809.html?thread=16820769#t16820769), more Nena (http://community.livejournal.com/theskytits/107809.html?thread=16820513#t16820513), more Ulquiorra (http://community.livejournal.com/theskytits/107809.html?thread=16842785#t16842785), plus he asked questions to other people all over the place.
Zombie!Apocalypse AU meme, with Namine: http://community.livejournal.com/theskytits/107440.html?thread=16783024#t16783024